Qualität und Nachhaltigkeit Hand in Hand


Direkt gehandelt und nachhaltig produzierte Rohkaffees, Kakaoprodukte und Fruchtprodukte.

Über die Marken COL-SPIRIT, FRUIT HORIZON und OLMAKAKAO bieten wir dir eine breite Auswahl an Rohkaffees zum Rösten, exklusiven tropischen Fruchtaufstrichen, Trinkschokoladen, Schokoladen und Kakao-Rohware zum Kochen und Backen. Direkt von den Farmen aus Kolumbien zu dir nach Hause.


Fruit Horizon

Fruit Horizon

Fruit Infusions: 100% tropical fruit combinations to create a hot or cold... 

  • Why Olmekakao

    you fight monocrop-agriculture with every chocolate product you buy from Olmekakao. Our cocoa beans come from Colombian coffee farmers who plant cocoa to deversify their plantations with different crops, gaining multiple income streams and protect their environment.

  • Why Fruit Horizon

    healthy snacks, no sugar added, 100% fruit.

    Tropical fruit infusions are tasty refreshing drinks. Hot or cold, for young or old. Directly from Colombia. You will love it!

    Packed in ready to go portion sized packaging. In the office - on the go - or at home.

  • Why Col-Spirit

    our innitial approach to directly trade our green coffee from our own farm. By now we export and fulfill coffees for +150 small farms in Colombia.

    Independent from third party traders. We are eye to eye with our farmers and our roasters.

    All direct trade!