Ethical Code

No matter what products you choose from our brands Col-Spirit, Olmekakao, Fruit Horizon or others offered in this shop, all products match our ethical code:

1. We have direct relationships to all our producers and make payments directly to them form our own legal entity. Only that way we can assure that the money arrives in full amount where it needs to be. No third party middlemen who might water down the transparency in our supply chain.  

2. We encourage best practices and organic production with our agricultural partners. A sustainable production can only be achieved when the land we use is able to provide good growable conditions in the future. Our agronomists are on the fields to implement and support the farmers for the necessary changes. Continuous reduction of monocrop fields is our goal, which we achieve through our multi-crop approach. Planting coffee with cocoa and shade trees is only one part of this project to keep our lands fertile and our farmers agile for the future challenges to come. 

3. We include our producers into our sales approch. Many of our products are sold by the farmers through us as a vehicle. We see ourselfs as a service provider to the farmers, managing the necessary logistics, support in marketing / design / pricing and pre-financing. That way we ensure the emotional engagement of our suppliers, providing them with a fair chance to earn more then the necessary to survive. 

These three fundamental pillars are deeply tied with our business decisions. If you are like minded and our business model appeals to you, this is the shop for you. We can provide all products in bulk volumes to your business or manufacturing plant.

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