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Fruit Horizon - Tropical Fruit Spread - Guava 300g

Fruit Horizon - Tropical Fruit Spread - Guava 300g

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Discover the incomparable taste experience of our handmade fruit spread from Colombia! The guava is the star of our delicious creation. Her unique combination of strawberry and pear notes definitely makes her irresistible!

The guava fruit, which grows in the subtropical regions of Colombia, gives off a delightful scent, similar to lemon but milder. Their naturally high pectin content makes them perfect for making delicious sweets, such as Colombia's famous bocadillo.

Enjoy not only the delicious taste, but also the healthy properties of guava. Rich in fiber, vitamin C and folic acid, it is a real treat for your senses and your health.

Get the tropical flair with our delicious Guava fruit spread from Colombia and spoil yourself with the best that nature has to offer!
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