Who we are

We are a young company, founded in 2016, with the purpose to export the family farm coffee of our Colombia founder Maria Grajales. In 2018 we transported coffees from 39 different small scale family farms directly form the farms to the coffee roasters. In 2019 we started experimenting with different agricultural crops and products of which resulted the brands Olmekakao and Fruit Horizon. We are very glad about the great resonance for the specialized and amazing tasting food products we produce with our Colombian farmers and manufacturers and happy to present those to the European market.

With the help of our European roasting partners we planted 14,980 indigenous trees in Colombia as our reforestation program, at a time Brazil intensified deforestation for palm oil on the other side of the Amazonas. (2019/2020)

Olmekakao is our newest project which shall help our coffee farmers to diversify their crops. Olmekakao's goal is to decrease mono crop production, increase income possibilities for independent farmers from stock exchange market prices and reduce the amount of mineral-fertilizers and pesticides down to "0". Our chocolates are 100% slavery free, guaranteed no child labor, currently partially organically produced with an increasing tendency to 100%, which lies in the nature of the project.