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TCP roasted coffee - Cafe Crema - 1kg whole bean

TCP roasted coffee - Cafe Crema - 1kg whole bean

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Our entire product range arose from our export/import business of directly traded, sometimes even specially grown green coffee beans. We supply European specialty roasters with the finest green coffees from Colombia and beyond. In addition to Colombia, we also store and transport green coffee from Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil and Indonesia.

The roasted coffees we offer are blends of green coffee beans from our warehouse. Since roasting houses taste their green coffee selection first, open sample bags are left behind, which we carefully put together according to taste and intended use in order to create compositions that taste the same for you.

This coffee is well suited for filters and fully automatic machines . Espressi can also be made with this coffee, but they have a slightly higher acidity. For espresso, we therefore recommend our espresso blend , which has less acid and a higher caffeine content due to a robusta content.

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