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Fruit Horizon - Tropical Fruit Spread - Physalis 300g

Fruit Horizon - Tropical Fruit Spread - Physalis 300g

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Our physalis fruit spread offers a unique sweet and citrusy experience with subtle tropical notes.

Dive into the world of physalis, also known as Cape gooseberry or Andean berry. Encased in a papery shell, this small, golden-orange fruit is rich in vitamins A and C and belongs to the nightshade family.
The versatile physalis is prized in desserts, salads and jams, and adds elegant sophistication to cocktails. Our Physalis plants thrive in Colombia, at elevations from sea level to 2,500 meters.

Experience the unique taste of our exotic physalis on your breakfast table and let yourself be seduced by the sweet and citrusy freshness. Perfect for health-conscious connoisseurs and adventurers who love to travel! Get the tropical pleasure now directly from our manufactory in Colombia!

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