Wir haben es geschafft! "SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD" für Fruit Horizon

We did it! "SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD" for Fruit Horizon

We are incredibly proud that our Colombian fruit spreads are among the best in the world in terms of taste. We focus on the authentic flavor of fresh tropical fruits, from the heart of the Colombian Andes. By producing in Colombia, we achieve an outstanding freshness and can avoid shipping fresh fruit in refrigerated containers around the world.

The Superior Taste Award is a distinction given by the International Taste Institute (formerly known as the International Taste & Quality Institute, iTQi). This organization, based in Brussels, Belgium, evaluates and certifies the quality of food and beverages from around the globe. Here are some key points about the Superior Taste Award:

1. **Independent Jury**: The products are evaluated by an independent jury composed of renowned chefs and sommeliers. These experts come from leading culinary institutions such as Le Guide Michelin and Gault & Millau.

2. **Blind Tasting**: The tastings are conducted blind, meaning the jurors do not know the brand or manufacturer of the product they are evaluating. This ensures objectivity and impartiality.

3. **Evaluation Criteria**: The assessment is based on various criteria, including first impression, appearance, smell, taste, and aftertaste. Each of these criteria is rated separately and combined into an overall score.

4. **Awards**: Products can receive one, two, or three stars depending on their score. Three stars are only awarded to products that perform exceptionally well.

5. **Certification**: Manufacturers whose products have been awarded are allowed to use the Superior Taste Award seal on their products to promote their quality.

The Superior Taste Award is a prestigious quality mark in the food and beverage industry and helps consumers identify high-quality products.
Here directly to the awarded fruit spreads!
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